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Whatever your flooring preparation needs may be, our comprehensive range of services will meet your requirements.

Floor coverings preparation

Floor covering preparation is the process of readying a subfloor or surface, a crucial step before the installation of flooring materials such as timber, laminate, vinyl and more.

Concrete grinding and polishing

We use diamond blade concrete grinding machines to flatten or level concrete floors. We are also able to remove glue and or coatings, as well as offering a range of polished concrete systems.

compound systems

We are experts in applying all types of self levelling compound systems to achieve desired slab heights, flatten and or level floors as well as resurfacing damaged surfaces and more.

Moisture barrier & waterproofing systems

High moisture levels in concrete and timber substrates can create major issues in your flooring. We test for moisture and offer solutions to any moisture problems.


Applying an epoxy coating can provide your floor with surface protection, chemical resistance, enhanced durability and other benefits.

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